Custom Coatings

State-Of-The-Art Coating Technology
MicoSpectra's advanced in-house optical coating group provides a broad range of coating capabilities on a wide variety of substrates.

Deposition techniques
Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)
Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (IAD)
Electron Beam Evaporation (E-Beam)

automated ultrasonic clean line

UV3600 spectrophotometers from Shimadzu

Optical Coatings
AR, antireflection
HR, high reflection
PR, partial reflection
Polarizing coaitngs
Non-polarizing coatings
Dichroic coatings
Beamsplitter coatings
Spectral coatings
Bandpass filters
Edgepass filters
Notch filters
Neutral density filters
Metallic coating

Benefits of MicoSpectra Coating
Broad range of coating capabilities on a wide variety of substrates
Low-loss, Low scattering, low absorption
Reduced Spectral Shifting
High damage thresholds (pulsed & CW)
Environmental stability
Durability, Environmentally stable