Custom Optics

MicoSpectra specializes in the design and manufacture custom optics, thin film coatings and optical assemblies for prototype, research and OEM applications.

Plano fabrication
Lens fabrication
Crystals fabrication
One-Stop optical precision manufacturing
Optical thin film coating & metrology
Bonding, gluing, optical assembly
Optical Modules
Surface metrology, inspection

Benefits of MicoSpectra Super-Smooth Polishing
With MicoSpectra's Super-Smooth Polishing technology, our experienced technicians are able to regularly achieve a wavefront error of less than λ/10 and surface roughness less than 2Å.
Low scattering
Low absorption
Enables high strength

Benefits of MicoSpectra Adhesive-Free Optical Contact
Ultra-low loss
Precision Tolerance
High temperature resistance

The SUPER Specs of MicoSpectra Fabrication
Angles accuracy to < 2 arcsec
Thickness to 0.1mm
Dimensions tolerance to ± 0.01mm
Surface quality to 10-5
Surface flatness to < 1/20λ
Surface roughness to < 2Å
Parallelism to < 2 arcsec

MicoSpectra offers custom optics with a variety of optical materials such as N-BK7, SF2, SF11, UV fused silica, and more. Some typical materials are listed as below.

Wavelength Range Substrate Material
350 nm - 2.0 μm N-BK7
185 nm - 2.1 μm UV Fused Silica
150 nm - 5.0 μm Sapphire
120 nm - 8.0 μm Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
180 nm - 8.0 μm Calcium Fluoride (CaF2)
3 - 5 μm Barium Fluoride (BaF2)
600 nm - 16 µm Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)
1.2 - 8.0 μm Silicon (Si)
2.0 - 16 μm Germanium (Ge)